We are extremely excited to launch the Warrior Spirit Program!


To challenge, recognize and reward martial artists that demonstrate the dojo values inside and outside of the dojo.
Fitness, flexibility, academic, community, leadership, and martial arts goals are clearly defined to award badges and score keeping.  Let the games begin!

How to participate:

  1. You must be a registered student with our martial arts studio.
  2. Use the “signup” button at the top right corner of this site. (Please be patient while we manually validate your account)
  3. After you’re logged in, click [all badges] to see a quick reference of available achievements.
  4. Watch out for videos on our “Dojo Stream” Facebook Group with details to earn each badge.
  5. Work hard! Share your work. Earn badges and score points!


Score Keeping:

Our leaderboard will show all point scores on two lists.  One score is for a running total of all achievements that only goes up with time and work.  The other list resets each month to showcase who’s putting the work in now.  The Monthly list highest score will be awarded Student of the Month. (Details on that coming soon).

Some badges can only be earned once, like earning your purple belt.  Other badges can be earned/re-earned once per quarter, like demonstrating a full side splits.

The scores on the board we are starting with are from: belt promotions, training anniversaries, academic achievements (that I could track from FB photos), Google reviews, Splits Club and Leadership Club.  If you feel like we’re missing a badge you earned (like an animal test) send the dojo a text and I’ll add it to your score.


Details on the first physical challenge will be out soon so keep an eye out! ~Osu!