Before anything else, let me say again how awesome you all are.  Adapting to the online training format was a challenge for many of us.  Martial arts teaches us to be flexible, adaptable, and to persevere when things get tough.  Punching and kicking is cool and all, but becoming that type of person is what Karate is all about.  If you’ve made it this far, then that’s you. GREAT JOB!


Now let’s jump into it.


Somebody already made a fancy page with easy to digest videos to explain what “Code Orange” is.  So check it out (if you haven’t already). Here’s the link:

Utah’s Moderate Risk Phase

Our martial arts studio falls under the “Gyms and Fitness Center guidelines”.


What does that mean?

  • We CAN do personal training for up to 3 people at a time keeping everyone 10′ apart.
  • Instructors wear reusable face masks and students are encouraged to as well, though not required for students. *
  • The Instructors will not work with students, in person, if instructors are showing COVID-19 symptoms.
  • We will continue to provide Zoom lessons for students that don’t feel safe training in person yet.
  • Group Classes will continue ONLINE, with our current schedule, on Zoom and Facebook Live. **
  • Karate Shoes, Mat Socks, or even regular socks should be worn.  Let us know if you want to order foot protection.
  • PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO if you, your student, or someone at home is showing any any COVID-19 symptoms.***


*FACE MASKS: Breathing is important for exercise so if a mask is going to make it difficult then don’t wear it. This is why we use 10′ social distancing instead of 6′.

**GROUP CLASSES: The new guidelines say groups of 20 or less are ok BUT maintaining 10′ social distancing becomes the issue and is why classes will remain online for now. 

***COVID-19 SYMPTOMS include: Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above, cough, trouble breathing, sore throat, sudden change in taste or smell, muscle aches or pains.



What do you need to do?

I’ll be calling everyone to set up / confirm scheduling soon so look forward to that.

Contact me about foot protection if you want to get something on order.

PLEASE DO NOT COME TO THE STUDIO if you, your student, or someone at home is showing any any COVID-19 symptoms.***

Keep logging on to Facebook and Zoom with us to stay in shape, stay sharp and STAY HEALTHY!



We’re looking forward to seeing you soon!