It’s been a month since my last post and we’ve already moved from Orange to Yellow phase.  How great will it be if we can talk about “Smart Green” next month?!
Before I get too into talking about Yellow stuff I gotta say again how awesome you all are.  The Zoom classes have been awesome.  Getting everyone (who can) back into personal training at the studio has been WAY AWESOME!  -And the participation in the Warrior Spirit challenges has been very inspiring too.  Experts say if you want to be great then you should surround yourself with great people. Well guess what? –You’re surrounded!



Let’s talk about Yellow Phase:


The current rules are similar to what we spoke about last time with one critical difference.




This means we can have more people training martial arts here at a time than the old 10′ rule.


Group Classes

We’ve already begun to bring Teens and Adults back in studio for hybrid online classes.  Don’t be surprised if Juniors make a come back to in-person karate classes soon too.  Once Juniors have transitioned back we’ll call back the Little Dragons and Tiny Tigers.

We remain focused on solo training drills and exercises for now.  So whether you’re training at home OR in the studio you’ll be working on the same stuff for the time being.  There are plenty of benefits that come with being here though;  Possibly the greatest is the energy, inspiration and motivation that comes with training in the same room as your martial arts family.

Personal Training:

Personalized lessons will remain similar to how we’ve been doing them, with large sectioned off work areas.  We may allow more than three people in at once but our aim is to keep your personal work spaces as big as practical.




Safety first!

Instructors wear face covers in the lobby and at times when social distancing is difficult to maintain however the new guidelines say that if we CAN keep away then it’s not required.  The same is recommended for students though we do not require you to wear face coverings if you don’t want to.

Please wait at least two weeks before returning to the studio if you are sick, experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or have traveled recently to a high risk area.

If you are considered high risk or live with someone who is, then please use the resources listed below to stay informed of measures you can take so stay safe.



*COVID-19 SYMPTOMS include: Fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above, cough, trouble breathing, sore throat, sudden change in taste or smell, muscle aches or pains.



Do you have to come back now?

No worries if you don’t feel good about in person classes yet because we will continue to include you on Zoom and FB Live.  Just keep logging in to stay fit, sharp, and STAY HEALTHY!

If you’re on the fence then let’s talk about it because I know there are details that I’ve left out (like our daily sanitizing checklist).  If you have any questions or want clarification on anything, please feel free to call, text or email the studio.




The martial arts teaches us to be patient and appreciate that progress is progress no matter how small.  As long as we keep working hard and steer our intentions in the right direction, then we can achieve our goals and get the most out of life.  I’m grateful for each step we take toward getting our lives closer to pre-pandemic order.  Thank you again for your support and dedication!


We look forward to seeing you soon.








In case you’re curious where the guidelines come from, here’s a link:


To save you time, here’s the PDF with all of the current guidelines

Phased Guidelines (we’re on page 18)

To save you even more time;  Here’s the part about martial arts schools specifically (copied from the pdf):
Fitness centers and gyms are open with some distancing and cleaning guidance • Follow all employer guidelines outlined on page 11 • Employees must go through symptom checking before every shift (checklist or verbal), including temperature checks when feasible. Log must be kept and available for inspection by health department • Symptom checking of participants prior to each competition or practice (checklist or verbal), including temperature checks when feasible • Limit spectators so social distancing guidelines can be adhered to • Employees working within 6 feet of patrons must wear face coverings • Patrons of different households must maintain 6 feet of distance when feasible; this may be increased based on data and milestone trends. Limit the number of patrons, space or close off equipment accordingly • Roster or list of participants and their contact information must be maintained when engaging in formal competitive events to assist with contact tracing efforts when social distancing is not feasible • Make chemical disinfectant supplies available throughout the establishment and post signs encouraging patrons to thoroughly disinfect equipment after use • Follow pool guidance on page 9