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Where should we send your Free Week Guest Pass?

Where should we send your Free Week Guest Pass?

Where should we send your Free Week Guest Pass?

How to earn your yellow belt.

Level Up Martial Arts

If you are looking to earn a yellow belt in Level Up Martial Arts, congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a skilled martial artist! Here’s a guide to help you earn your yellow belt.

  1. Attend classes regularly

To start off, it is crucial to attend classes twice a week as a minimum goal. Make it a habit to show up for class on time and ready to learn. Regular attendance will help you learn the techniques faster and build your stamina and flexibility. We mark your attendance card each time you attend a class. You can track your progress on your card each time you come in. (Ask an instructor for help if you’re not sure how to read your card.)

  1. Practice outside of class

In addition to attending classes, practice outside of class as much as you can. Review the techniques and forms you learned in class to make sure you have a good understanding of them. This will help you improve and progress faster towards earning your yellow belt.  As a white belt you wont be expected to have everything memorized right away so just practice what you can remember and don’t forget to have fun and be safe.

  1. Attend in-class evaluations

On the fifth week of each cycle, there will be in-class evaluations where students are assessed on their understanding and execution of techniques. This is an opportunity to earn a stripe on your belt by demonstrating your skills and understanding of the material. Make sure to practice and prepare well for these evaluations.

  1. Earn three stripes

To earn your Belt Test Invitation, you must earn three stripes on your belt by performing well in the in-class evaluations. After earning your three stripes you’ll be one cycle away from earning your Belt Test Invitation.

  1. Prepare for the belt test

Once you have received your Belt Test Invitation, it’s time to prepare for the big day. The belt test is a separate event from classes, usually held on a Saturday afternoon. Make sure to practice and review the material thoroughly before the test.  The more prepared you feel the less stress you’ll have about the test.

  1. Demonstrate your skills

On the day of the test, make sure to demonstrate your martial arts skills to the best of your ability. Show your strength, attitude, and mastery of the techniques you learned. Remember to stay focused and remain calm throughout the test.

  1. Celebrate your achievement

At the end of the test, there will be a promotion ceremony where you will receive your yellow belt and certificate in front of your family and friends. Celebrate your achievement and be proud of all the hard work you put in to earn your new rank.

To sum up, earning a yellow belt at Level Up Martial Arts requires dedication, commitment, and hard work. By attending classes regularly, and performing well in the in-class evaluations, you can earn your Belt Test Invitation and demonstrate your skills and strength to earn your yellow belt. Congratulations on embarking on this exciting journey towards becoming a skilled martial artist!

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