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Whether you’re worried that your child doesn’t have enough self-esteem, or just plain tired of struggling through tantrums, every parent’s goal is the same: to guide your child into being the best adult they can be. Here at Level Up Martial Arts, not only do we have the same goal, we have the tools to make that goal a reality. Our first step as part of their support system is to improve their behavior at school and at home. A child who is able to complete homework and chores without supervision and gets along with parents, siblings, and classmates is on the right path to becoming a productive member of society.

Why Should You Join?

Our instructors are professionally trained, and more importantly, passionate about improving your child’s present and future. We’re confident in our program and all it has to offer, which is why we urge you to set up a free trial to see for yourself how the martial arts can benefit your child. We don’t rely on contracts or high-pressure enrollments. If you feel that we are what your child needs, we will happily help you build a program that’s specific to your schedule and budget.

  • Professional and Friendly Certified Instructors
  • Clean Safe Studio Environment
  • Commitment to providing world class service to Each student
  • Flexible Schedule and Pricing to meet your needs

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Little Dragons:
5:00pm – 5:30pm

6:00pm – 6:50pm



Little Dragons:
5:00pm – 5:30pm

6:00pm – 6:50pm



Little Dragons:
9:00am – 9:30am

10:00am – 10:50am

What can you expect from a child in our program?

• Regular exercise, which leads to improved moods and better awareness of personal fitness.
• Boosted confidence and self-esteem, which both enables them to stand up to bullies and prevents them from becoming one.
• Improved balance, coordination, and timing that helps them feel confident with their bodies as they grow older.
• Exercising self-control and concentration builds patience and focus, which leads to better grades in school.
• Being held accountable for their actions helps to develop responsibility and emotional maturity.

Not only do we emphasize the importance of setting worth while goals, we make sure that the child has all the tools they need to exceed even their own expectations. Improving their behavior and attitude now goes a long way towards ensuring future success and happiness.

Amazing. My son finally has, found his niche. These guy’s are great to work with and taught him a higher level of respect. I couldn’t be happier as a parent.

– Rebecca Keller

We love Level Up Martial Arts and the classes have been helping our son to focus, which has been a big struggle for him. It is also the first sport that he loves that we did not have to bribe him to go to the class. The instructors are awesome and you can see how much patience and caring they have for each student. The school is super clean and very flexible with schedules for the private lesson which is a plus. We highly recommend!

– Alejandra Betton

My wife and I were having some behavior and attention concerns with our 6yr old son. We decided to try karate to give him a avenue for his energy and to learn respect and discipline. The team at Level Up Martial Arts have been amazing. They understand our son’s exact needs and help him through group and private lessons. The cost is very reasonable with different plans available. Our son has also increased his confidence along with enjoying a fun and rewarding skill. I highly recommend for self-defense and karate instruction.

– Marcus Heygster

Best investment we made for our son. He’s attended this dojo soon after this location opened. He has strong leadership skills at school, great grades, and respect with everyone he encounters. We directly attribute to the Senseis that have been with him all along in his journey. We highly recommend.

– Chrisandra Middleton

I had some past martial arts training, so I was very particular when choosing a studio for my kids. The instructors here are excellent and my son and daughter love their lessons. I decided that I couldn’t let them have all the fun, so I started lessons as well. I highly recommend this studio.

– Marcie Clark Bunker

Martial Arts and Karate Classes at USSD Sandy

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