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Come train with us today for free! Our complete system will help you develop focus, get fit, and be confident. Martial Arts and Karate can help with many aspects of life, including practicing respect, self-control, and goal achievement. We can also help children and adults alike to prevent problems with bullying, negative peer pressure and victim mentality. The benefits are endless.

I could not write enough positives about my experience at the studio.  The instructors are professional and courteous, as well as being phenomenal teachers.  My son (8 years old) has been attending for almost a year and he is always excited to go to classes, private lessons, and the special events at the studio.  Thank you so much for all you do.

– Gordon Hill

Amazing. My son finally has, found his niche. These guy’s are great to work with and taught him a higher level of respect. I couldn’t be happier as a parent.

– Rebecca Keller

There is a lot I want to say about the Dojo here in Sandy and I am going to attempt to say it in just a few sentences. The Instructors are very skilled and PATIENT which is what I need. I have enjoyed every moment with this group of people and am looking forward to many more years of training next to such good people.

– Isabel Martinez

Level Up Martial Arts in Sandy, has the greatest instructors you will ever find. They will teach you how to defend yourself in every situation. They have taught me so much in such little time. Sensei Brandon, has a great way with children AND adults to help you understand what he’s teaching and how to do it. I definitely recommend them for anyone who is looking into self defense, martial arts or just boosting their confidence. Head in there and try it out for yourself, I guarantee you’ll love it.

– Natalie Harris

Great Senseis, great people, great place to be! Level Up is fun and engaging, and it will push you to do and be better than you think you can be.

– Jacqueline Lee

Best investment we made for our son. He’s attended this dojo soon after this location opened. He has strong leadership skills at school, great grades, and respect with everyone he encounters. We directly attribute to the Senseis that have been with him all along in his journey. We highly recommend.

– Chrisandra Middleton

Martial Arts and Karate Classes at USSD Sandy

Why Us?

1. Clean, safe studio environment

2. Friendly, caring, professionally trained instructors

3. Fun, challenging classes

Martial Arts and Karate Classes at USSD Sandy

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Tues - Thurs: 2pm-9pm

Fri: 2pm-6pm

Sat: 9am - 1pm


Phone: 801-828-5758

Email: [email protected]

Location: 9245 Village Shop Dr, Sandy, UT 84094

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